Weekly Numeroscope for the week of: 15 – 21 December 2014

Happiness is a feeling in the heart. You can’t buy it or fake it, therefore – listen to your heart.

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Lessons of this week:

Too often the brain is trying to override the heart. The voice of our soul lies not in logic but in our feelings. When we feel peace and tranquillity, we are on the right path. When we are filled with restlessness, fear and pain, we know that we are not in harmony with our Higher Self, our mission and purpose in this Life. December is the time to focus on yourself.        

We are all courageous. Nobody is a coward. We are distinguished by priorities and motivation. We set them ourselves, nobody can force them on us. This week re-establish your system of selecting priorities and look deep into the way you evaluate them. Maybe the system that you use is not the best for you. Is it yours at all…or is it based on the expectation of others, of your family?

Each of us is unique, which means that we each have our own place, purpose and mission. Your happiness lies in a very special corner that You need to recognize…nobody else can do it for You. Therefore, be bold and look beyond the everyday life, beyond habits and limitations, and simply find Yourself.

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Life path number 1

You are going to try to rationalize and understand your feelings, but you will realize that it is impossible. Do not act impulsively. Don’t be in a hurry, you won’t miss anything.


Life path number 2

An emotionally intense week will end with newfound confidence. Don’t forget that you are unique. If you are happy, it doesn’t mean that you stole happiness from somebody else.


Life path number 3

A new beginning starts with a symbolic ending. So, let go of what isn’t good for You. Just listen to your heart…not to the wishes of Ego, to your Heart! What would Love do?


Life path number 4

You will be more determined when taking on new projects. Now is the time to face those (unpleasant) steps forward which you are trying to avoid. You will have to do it sooner or later. Do not procrastinate.


Life path number 5

Listen to your intuition. A little voice inside you is whispering something louder and louder. Why are you hiding behind excuses in the sense of  “I really can’t do it right now”? You are the master of your own time.


Life path number 6

You are a person with a heart of gold. Now direct the goodness, care and attention that you show to other people towards yourself. Don’t wait for others, be loving and gentle to yourself.


Life path number 7

You would like a fast solution of an unexpected event or complication. The point is that you make your stand, which means that your own value is crucial. Do you respect yourself?


Life path number 8

Finally, the time has come for you to move forward. With giant steps you will be fired ahead on the path of your heart. Do not hesitate, analyse nor doubt. Everything is alright just the way it is.


Life path number 9

You will be affected by external stimuli more than you usually are. Do not drown in feelings, do not intensify them. Instead, take time to calm down and recognize their message. You are safe.

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