We are the first in history to

I had an interesting conversation the other day which made me ponder upon something. Someone told me that written word can be manipulated. My first thought was quite the opposite. I, for one, express myself way easier in writing than speaking. Furthermore, most of my work is written; because that way it’s more permanent & practical. For example, unlike conversation, numerology personal chart & other teachings, if given as a booklet, can be read many times and used for personal growth. So, I was given food for thought.

Going beyond my personal point of view, I began to observe something else. Isn’t it sad we need laws to tell us stealing is wrong? And, as such, does it have an effect at all? Why do we need laws for something that is soooo natural? Have we completely lost our values? Shouldn’t we know it’s wrong to take from another man? Isn’t it obvious that a lie is bad? How about physical violence, etc.? Why do we need 10 commandments  for something that is supposed to be a way of a HUMAN BEING? Do we need to be obligated to act in such a manner? And do we?

Or have values been put upside down? To so many, stealing & getting away with it became a challenge. The forbidden fruit. Tell me, is a pen you take home from the office yours to take? Would that apply to a company’s car?

Why do we need to write down the rules that actually describe: love, respect, honor, honesty… We claim to be civilized. We consider ourselves to be educated. Isn’t it sad we need laws to tell us what is right and what is wrong? We are the first in history to need them, and – to be  honest, fail them.

Did Native American people need laws? No, they were honest, loving, dedicated & very much connected with Nature, Spirit and each other. And they did not vanish, so allow me to correct that: they are people we could all learn from. Now, in modern times, educated people see more value in cheating the system – coworkers – even friends – you name it, it’s done. Community? The meaning of this word is known to people in Europe, but they have little idea what it feels like to truly love & respect each other. Elders. In Asia they respect their parents & consider older people to be wiser. Research shows their elders actually increase IQ as they are aging, as oppose to Europe – where older people are seen as senile & with dementia. Older people are placed into facilities and visited for holidays. Isn’t that sad? Community is just a word. Family became a temporary faze of life. Relatives are less visited than friends or coworkers.

Losing touch with Reality, are we (by Yoda)? Our children have no idea how a cow actually looks like, smells like and what saddens me most, they have no empathy for animal kingdom. They can’t. They feel more connected to their iPhone or tablet. So, if they starve a cat, they perceive it as ‘’its battery died’’. Our children think apples grow in Walmart. They colour the cows purple, because that is what they see on a Milka chocolate bar.

So, we need books to show our kids what is a farm; what does a cow, a rabbit, a waterfall look like.

Life does not lie in books & movies.


Isn’t there something very wrong with this picture? We need laws to protect battered women and children? We need rules to tell us how it is appropriate to behave, and then we say: ‘’rules are meant to be broken’’.

Most of us had the typical “guilt trip’’ upbringing. Feeling guilty for being happy, feeling guilty for having a wish, etc., and under a constant threat of ˝God sees it all˝. I don’t mean to open a religious discussion; I am talking about the guilt oriented mind. So, the idea is, we need to behave, because God sees everything, and when that day comes, we could go to hell for our sins – God will decide.

Native American people believe the Creator allows us to be our own ‘judge’. When we enter the spirit world, we are the ones who reflect on our life and evaluate our deeds.

We have commandments to guide us on our path to God and we talk about the fear of commitment? Allow me a thought: what are people who fear and avoid commitment afraid of? Love? Company? Having a child? Isn’t that the purpose of Life? To share the good and the bad?

Do you know, in your gut, what is right and what is wrong? Do you feel it? Do you have your own opinion on things? Or do you nod, without thinking twice? Are you a rebel that says ‘’no’’ for the sake of defying something?

Life is energy.

We collectively are responsible for all that is going on on this beautiful planet, Pachamama, Mother Earth. You are a part of the problem or a part of the solution. Collective consciousness is at this point of time at a very odd place. What will YOU do about it? Every act counts, as small as it may be. It is not up to God (Universe, Life, Great Spirit – pick the expression you like) – it is up to us.

Let’s all do our part. Each & every one of us.

with love lili sorum numerology

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