Value or price tag?

Have we lost our values and got these two concepts confused?

I can understand that we may be in a situation where we first take a look at the price on the shelf and then we focus on the product – buying the cheapest dish detergent, for example, and not the one we would choose otherwise. I do not understand, however, that this has been transferred to concepts such as Love, friendship & partnership. We are ready to (more or less) help out, giving our time and attention; we also may do some light work; but when it comes to money, things change. I know people who would prefer to drill a hole in their knee (an expression in my language), than give some money away. Usually they turn their back on the very same people who stood by them with advice, love, attention, help…

To be honest, we don’t necessarily have trouble spending a few euros/dollars for a cup of coffee with our friends, yet, somehow we find it more difficult to donate that same amount of money to someone on the street, begging for food.

Seriously, when did we lose it?

As a society – when did it become acceptable for someone to be homeless or ask for food?

Let’s take a look back, shall we: what we today like to call ‘primitive community’ did no such thing. The elderly, children and women have always been taken care of. Homelessness did not exist. Come to think of it, maybe we should just go back to living in the caves (wink). Perhaps that is the point of earthquakes, tsunamis and other natural disasters.

We have almost completely lost our touch with nature. Children draw purple cows and say that apples grow in the store, etc.  Our children would have a very hard time trying to survive in, what we call, the wild – but should call Nature, our home – if they would be able to survive at all. They were taught it’s bad to jump in the mud, because it is dirty; instead of being encouraged to connect to our beautiful Mother Earth. Whether we like it or not, she bestows everything we need for Life.

World of consumption is a world of blindness.

Beautiful bags in shopping malls are actually the cellophane wrapped around the inhuman suffering of animals for slaughter. If you do not have compassion for our animal brothers, think of all the diseases, injuries, trauma they have suffered and that is now in the meat that you eat. Internet provides pictures of animals, full of tumors – meat was chopped and ground, now a part of the *Uncle Ben’s* sauce (for example). We know everything revolves around money in the word of consumption, including the health inspection etc.

Because it is a packaged, we are more likely to buy the very same product, which we would have ignored, had it not been properly wrapped in shiny paper. Desigual is nothing more than ethnic style of clothing – fabric, which they can purchase in Peru at ridiculously low prices and is than sold for a nice sum. Usually the person who manufactured the products sold to a retail chain can barely cover the costs. Many European people dislike America’s way of life, but, in all honesty, they are headed in exactly the same direction. Native Americans said: ‘’How can we sell the blue of the sky?’’ They didn’t have words for: property, lie, cheat, to own, to steal… these things were not known to them. Yet, we claim them to be the savages and us to be educated & civilized.

When did human life lose its value?

When did we allow us to become just a number?

Money can’t buy health and you can’t buy Love, and yet, we seem to be much more dedicated to making money than we do to achieve good health or loving relationships. Now, some may say, money is necessary to survive, of course. Doesn’t common sense tell you we need health more than a positive balance in the bank account in order to actually survive?

We have come so far that we will privatize water. Some go into nature, gather crystals and sell them at high, sometimes absurd prices. We are making a fool out of Life.

Life knows what it is doing. We (usually) do not.

Great Mystery knows, we sometimes have no clue.

Each of us is a part of a whole. Have we forgotten that?

Where in this mosaic do we see ourselves?

Which shade of gray are YOU?

How many times have you unintentionally acted as described above? Each individual can chose to carry shackles of consumerism or do their best to break it. You may offer a helping hand and you may accept it. Only you can donate more time, Love, understanding, warmth – and accept it. Let’s start with ‘The man in the mirror’ – let’s be an example.

Every one of you, who read these lines, is a valuable and priceless human being.

Realize this.

You, who read this text to the last line: You are unique.

Now, let’s make this world a better place, together. It all starts with You.


With Love,

LiLi  SoRuM 

LiLi SoRuM Value or price tag?

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