This August it’s all about the Truth & the facts.

What we desire is one thing; what we actually achieve is a completely different story – not to mention, the mere facts can be interpreted in many different ways. During this month, please take time to evaluate your Life. There is only one Truth – and your Truth will always be the most important one. Universal Truth and the pure facts are sometimes extremely different from what you yourself are experiencing as your truth.

August will support us in all that is our Truth & purpose. So, if you are serious about moving forward with something – may it be a project, a relationship, a feeling or studying etc – and in fact, it does not move anywhere, then it is not your path. This statement applies solely and exclusively for the month of August. Be receiving of the message those complications and failures bring. Note: seemingly failures.

Know that they are only an indicator and should serve as an orientation. Sometimes it is difficult to understand their meaning; however Life has a tendency to be stubborn and sooner or later, through experiences it shows us the true meaning of them. When some time has passed, we usually do grasp, understand and learn to appreciate what we once perceived as a mistake. So, try to make that time shorter.

Seek meaning.

Being stubborn or rigid in any way during this period of time is not welcomed. The energy of the number 8 will radiate very strongly. The Truth has been revealed during the month of July. Did you embrace it or did you try to run away from it?

Also, please, keep in mind, Ego will appear even in the areas where we’d otherwise be convinced there is none. Each of us has a right to our own personal human experience, so, you have absolutely no right to expect perfection from anyone – and that includes yourself. Be soft. Do not demand godlike perfection – not even from you.

No type of manipulation will work in your favour during this month. And if someone is trying to manipulate you, it won’t work. The month of August is an unique time for each and every one of us to shine like a diamond. … and you know, you are way more valuable than any diamond.

Sometimes, the easiest way out of something, is to argue and storm out the door. To be honest, being offended, yelling and all the shades of anger, resentment etc are just immature behaviour. Feeling that way sometimes is, of course, normal. During this time, it’s important to identify the people around you, who try to manipulate you with that kind of behaviour.. They usually are never confronted; not with their actions, nor with a real situation. Such people are always pointing their fingers at others. If possible, those ‘’others’’ are in fact, you.

Stand up for yourself.

August 2015 should be remembered for strong self-esteem. It’s not about your own value, but about you being treasured. If your self-image is weak, you should do your best to strengthen it in this month – or, some will try to run you down.

If someone doesn’t value you, YOU value yourself enough to walk away.

Allow me to remind you, the year 2015 is an 8 year, so during all the 12 months, we are actually learning how to set boundaries in the right and loving way. It’s not about putting you first. It’s about being EQUAL – that way the energy can flow in harmony.

This August it’s all about the Truth & the facts.

Home-Work for the soul:

– What are you afraid of, when reluctant to stand up for yourself?


– Is there any person whom you are afraid of and why?


– Who is afraid of you? Think about it ….


– Get up in the morning, knowing it’s going to be an awesome new day – because you’re awesome!


..and remember: This August it’s all about the Truth & the facts.

with love lili sorum lily sorum

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