The power of the name

A name. A vibration.

We are vibrational beings and our name is also a vibration.

Numerology studies vibrations. That doesn’t tell you much, right? (smiles)

When we ask ourselves ‘’who am I’’, we usually don’t thing about our name. Yet, all the information we could use, is there.

So, let’s talk about this for a second. It’s important to never lose sight of who we are. Always be you. If you feel lost, or maybe dislocated, stuck in something, alone, abandoned, tired or even ill, take a moment to reflect your past. The pain was there to teach you something. Did you learn?

Our name is our signature. It tells who we are. We are not brave, because our name says so – our name describes the courage, because it is our trade. Our name is the very definition of us – to the Universe.

They say we chose our parents before we were born. Spiritual numerology goes even further – we chose our name, so its vibration could support us.

When we change the name, we add a vibration. We never erase the name, given to us at birth. So, if you were thinking, ‘’I am shy, I will change my name and this way I will solve that problem’’ – think again. When we are shy, and change our name to the equivalent of ‘Superman’, what we do is, we say to the Universe; ˝I became strong as the Superman. Hit me.˝ Oh, and it will. The vibration of your new name will call upon situations you are not ready for.

Many times, I witness, ladies changing last name with marriage, actually balancing their energy. In my experience (and I have been professionally at this for over 10 years) is that those marriages that balance the energy of the Missis, last long time and are happy ones. Those that actually destroy the balance of bride’s name don’t bring true happiness. Even when considering changing your name (not by getting married) it is wise to calculate it first. The power of the name is not to be taken lightly.


It’s all about the balance. 

Now, can your Life, can You be in balance if you try to be something other than you?

Can you breathe, if you are not you? When a certain person influences you to be something you are not, is that good for you? And, please keep in mind, we are also influenced when we would like to be as cool as someone, and we act as our role model, yet we are not that way our selves.

Anything BUT who we are, brings misbalance. What to do when you feel you don’t know you? There are so many tools available, not just numerology; there is astrology, Tarot, Jotis, etc etc

If you don’t feel that inner peace, please, do something about it. It’s up to you, and You alone. You know why? Because YOU matter. Each and every soul on this beautiful Mother Earth matters.

Your name is sacred energy. It’s your sacred energy. Be proud of your name, regardless of your ethnic background. The power of the name has no label. Your family name (more commonly called surname or last name) is legacy of your ancestors. Respect it.

If you live in a community that, let’s say, does not welcome Mexican people, and your last name is something like ‘’Sanchez’’, please be proud of who you are. You know, people that are racist or nationalist say more about themselves than they do about you. However, it is who you are, and be proud of it. There will be people that will love you for it.

Stand with dignity. It is for your fathers & your father’s fathers you do so. And for your own children. 

Now, let’s talk about living up to your name.

It is Native American tradition to receive four names. The first comes at birth, the second during the childhood, the third on becoming an adult, and the last as an elder. Each name is given before the corresponding time of life, so people have the opportunity to live up to their names. By age five of six, a child will grasp that concept, so everyone from elders down to young children seek to live up to their names, and in that way our entire society strives to live up to its name.  (taken from: Where white man fear to tread, by Russell Means – pilamayaye Wanbli Ohitika)

So, you see, there are many traditions and a lot of ancient wisdom to be discovered, yet there is only one you. So, be you, for you are unique.

How can you raise your vibration? How can you do good for all humankind, for our beautiful planet, our Mother Earth? By complaining, by being a victim, by being ashamed of you or by seeking flaws instead of encouraging your strength? I don’t think so – do you?

Believe in you.  I do.

So, what’s your name again?

with love lili sorum numerology

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