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Calculate Your Personal year

The 9-year cycle of PERSONAL YEARS   Our life rotates in a circle of 9-year cycles. Each year as its own number, has its own vibration. That vibration determines the topic that dominates this...

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Destiny number

It is said we chose our parents before we are born. Also, many assume we chose the name prior to our birth. Be as it may, your name is no mistake. It holds the...

life path number LiLi SoRuM numerology

Life path number

Life path number is considered to be the most important personal number in your personal numerology profile. Life path number is a sum of the day, month & year you were born, making your...

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OMNIA IN NUMERIS SITA SUNT – Everything lies in numbers.   NuMeRoLoGy is more than just mere number mumbo jumbo. It was a way of life.