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The power of the name LiLi SoRuM Lily SoRuM numerology

The power of the name

A name. A vibration. We are vibrational beings and our name is also a vibration. Numerology studies vibrations. That doesn’t tell you much, right? (smiles) When we ask ourselves ‘’who am I’’, we usually...

How could you God? lili sorum 9/11

How could you God?

On that sunny September morning The Creator has allowed it to happen.  When things like 9/11 happen, I believe, we pause & ask: where is the justice? Where is God? How can such a...

mastery numbers


Numerology opens the gates of our perception of life. It will alter the perception you have of You. One aspect is Karma. The other aspect is Mastery. Master numbers hold a higher vibration. They...