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The power of the name LiLi SoRuM Lily SoRuM numerology

The power of the name

A name. A vibration. We are vibrational beings and our name is also a vibration. Numerology studies vibrations. That doesn’t tell you much, right? (smiles) When we ask ourselves ‘’who am I’’, we usually...

destiny number LiLi SoRuM numerology lily sorum personal numbers

Destiny number

It is said we chose our parents before we are born. Also, many assume we chose the name prior to our birth. Be as it may, your name is no mistake. It holds the...

numerology 5 personal numbers lily sorum lili sorum

5 personal numbers

What can numerology do for you? What could it possibly offer you? Oh, the winning numbers for the lottery perhaps?   Numerology is wisdom. Numerology is knowledge. Numerology is much more than just facts...