Suicide. A controversial word. A controversial act?

Each and every one of us has at some point in life faced difficult situations, doubting of being able to handle them. At times, a smile is all it takes, sometimes it may require a repeated action and a firm helping hand to help us overcome them.

Robin Williams was a sunshine and as such I choose to hold him in my memory. Now, may Robin’s passing make us reflect. Look at you. Do you/we judge someone, (doesn’t matter who) due to the use of drugs & alcohol? Haven’t we all sometimes tried to escape Life in one way or another? Addiction is not only drugs, alcohol, gambling, etc.. related. Why don’t we look at cigarette smokers sideways? Maybe, because we see no direct influence on people surrounding them? We may perceive an alcoholic as someone who beats his wife, wastes all the money and is hard to live with, therefore harmful? Hm. Passive smoking, according to some studies, is even more harmful than actually smoking yourself. So – all can be seen from one perspective or the other.

The fact remains, each and every one of us has felt lost, weak, broken down, and crashed in pieces… for different reasons. Suicide. A controversial word. A controversial act?  Or, simply, a reminder: we are all just human?

Recognizing the weakness is the true inner power. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable. Is that permitted to you – by you? Do you allow yourself to be weak?

Sadly, all too often the society & even ‘friends’ of the person who has been beaten down by life, beat him/her up about it some more. Like smashing a doormat. Could it be, because a person in that kind of a situation is not fully able to defend and stand up for him/herself?

When was it the last time you stood up for someone who couldn’t?

When was it the last time you spoke up for those who can’t?

It doesn’t matter whether we are talking about victims of rape, child abuse, tortured animals … or a friend who is struggling with a personal distress.

I read a great sentence today: ‘’Put down that ridiculous not-so-SmartPhone and be human.’’

I encourage you & me to look in the mirror and ask: Do you/we really give our best to help those who’s eyes are sad? No words are necessary. Eyes speak loud & clear. Look at the picture bellow, Robin’s eyes were sad. How many times do we talk to the person without even noticing something is wrong? We ask ‘’how are you’’ – but, do we hear the answer?

Suicide. A controversial word. A controversial act? lili sorum

New age teachings speak of the world of duality. The essence of the dual in that world is the integration, coexistence, acceptance, connection…

Does a human, in this day and age, know how to do that? 

Ancient civilizations (which did not become extinct, why the majority refers to them as if they were living on another planet or gone, I wonder sometimes) respected & nourished COMMUNITY.

In short: The modern world is opposing the well being of humans, animal brothers & Mother Earth, thus LIFE.

And each and every one of us is a human being. What are you going to do??

Who else is there to make a difference?

with love lili sorum lily sorum

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