Soul number

Placed at the center of your personal numbers, the Soul number speaks of your heart’s desire. It reveals your secret thoughts and your emotional side. It reveals what kind of a partner you are and what kind of a person would make you happy.

When explained to us, we understand what we seek, what makes us happy – may it be in career or partnerships and as such, the Soul number it reveals our soul urge. We are able to be more clear on what we need and what does not work for us.

We always have a choice. We are always able to listen to the song of our soul.

Inner peace & happiness are not in the outer world. We need to feel them inside. However, not knowing yourself, it is hard to find what makes you happy (in a long run).

We use the vowels of our name as given at birth to calculate it. He vowel sound in any word or name adds a soft inner vibration, and the same can be said for the Soul number.

with love lili sorum numerology

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