Simply be You

It’s time to simply be YOU.

Don’t run away, when facing something you don’t like. Wherever you go, you take You with you. Go within. You can’t hide yourself from yourself, no excuse or pretext will work (sooner or later you will have to face you). Accept yourself fully. Who has the right to judge you and tell you what is right and what is wrong? Non the less, l encourage you to be the one who ‘evaluates’ your actions, thoughts, dedication….? Do you do the best you can?

Accept yourself. What does that even mean?

Well, you/we need to know ourselves in order to fully accept who we are.

Sometimes, when we stay alone, we actually get to do just that: Face ourselves. Therefore, try not to be sad when people leave or relationships end. How many times have we diminished who we are, with the best of intentions regarding the other person? We should always take into consideration people we care for. However, there is a big difference between compromising or obeying. There is a big difference between ‘’taking into consideration’’ or submitting to. When in love, we all do crazy things. When we care for a person, we try to please her/him. It’s all good – as long as we stay true to who we are. If not, it is very common to lose the sense of our self, our essence and should that relationship end – well, it kinda feels like we vanished along with it. When we submit to other person’s needs & wishes, we might forget about our own. When we go to a restaurant, we order the food we enjoy. In life, sometimes we forger to stay focused on what we desire, our goals, needs & believes. And those change with time. As we observe people we interact with, we should also observe ourselves & changes in how we feel, what we do, what we wish for etc etc… Which brings us back to: who am I?

Getting to know yourself means taking the time to go ‘deep down inside’, search inside your mind & heart and ask ‘’all the smart’’ questions. Be patient. The answers sometimes don’t immediately surface. There will most definitely be answers you will not like about you, your present life, people/relationships… Sometimes it takes time to realize something changed so much, it should end or face a major transformation.

Who am I? What makes me happy? When was the last time l was happy & at peace?

What is my biggest issue right now?

What/who do l miss? What is it that I miss about it?

When I wake up, how do I feel?

  • Am I sleepy, tired, wanting to go back to bed?
  • Am l jumping out of bed, full of energy?
  • Do I know what plans I have for the day, and anticipate them?
  • Do I have trouble remembering what l need to do?
  • Do l say Good morning to me? We wish Good morning to our neighbors/coworkers, why not to ourselves? Do you say ‘’Good morning honey’’, kissing your spouse?

 Do you welcome the day?

That tells a lot about our emotional state of being. I think we should be grateful for every day in advance. If you live where there is no war, you should be grateful.


Are you grateful? Far best way of putting this, is using the wise words of Tekumseh, grand Shawnee chief:

’When you rise in the morning,

give thanks for the light, for your life, for your strength.

Give thanks for your food and for the joy of living.

If you see no reason to give thanks, the fault lies in yourself.’’

tekumzeh lili sorum wisdom simply be you

Should you find it hard or see no sense in doing so – remember, there are people dying of hunger. It is sad to see the state of the world now days.

The treasure at the end of the rainbow is you and no one else.

Know your value as a human being.

Treasure every moment, relationship & situation – yet, demand Truth, Respect & Dignity. Or walk away, if you can. The choice is always yours.


There is no Good or Bad…. There is You. And the very best (or worse) that you can do. The very best (or worst) you can be.

…………. LiLi SoRuM, September 2o14

with love lili sorum numerology

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