Personality number

Our personality is a reflection of other people’s opinion of us. Therefore, we are more often than not, surprised at the meaning of the number that is calculates as our Personality number.

We add consonants of the name given at birth to determine our Personality number. This personal number represents the Outer you and describes the impression you make on people. Others view you through their own prism of feelings, thoughts, emotions & past experiences. It is their perception of you. Many times it is not the most accurate one. None the less, it is a part of you. Accept you – all of you.

It’s important to understand we invite into our lives what we resonate with, even when we as a being are not ‘’a certain way’’.

Take responsibility for your own energy.

You project your thoughts, emotions & your energy into the world. May you be a positive contribution to the Oneness of us all, to the Web of Life.

Personality number helps you to become aware of your personality traits. It helps to avoid misunderstandings and approve the first impression you make.

with love lili sorum numerology

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