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Calculate Your Personal year

The 9-year cycle of PERSONAL YEARS   Our life rotates in a circle of 9-year cycles. Each year as its own number, has its own vibration. That vibration determines the topic that dominates this...

How could you God? lili sorum 9/11

How could you God?

On that sunny September morning The Creator has allowed it to happen.  When things like 9/11 happen, I believe, we pause & ask: where is the justice? Where is God? How can such a...

11 master numbers spiritual numerology LiLi SoRuM Lily Sorum

Master number 11/2: the Spiritual Messenger

Energy of the Master number 11/2 is intuitive, sensitive & enthusiastic. It is on a journey to find its own Truth – and when it does, 11/2 brings illumination to others. As a Master number...