OMNIA IN NUMERIS SITA SUNT – Everything lies in numbers.

Numerology is much more than just facts on numbers. It was a way of Life.

The numbers were worshiped. Prayers, poems, hymns dedicated to numbers were found. They most certainly deserve our respect.

Numerology is wisdom. Numerology is knowledge.

I have been studying & professionally working with numbers since the year 2003. I still love discovering the new & even deeper layers of this ancient wisdom, feeling humble & grateful. Numbers speak to us. Numbers don’t make things happen, we do. Numerology is a tool. It’s purpose is to aid restore balance in the Universe. A noble cause wouldn’t you say?

Let’s do our best – each & every one of us – to make this world a better place.



Spiritual numerology speaks of the soul.

We, as an incoming soul, determined what we need to advance up the spiral path of soul evolution. We chose a name that would give us the correct energy pattern – it vibrates & resonates on an energy lever, therefor attracting the opportunities and the challenges we need to learn and grow.

Pythagoras is considered to be the father of numerology. According to him, everything vibrates to its own special harmony which than in turn blends into one great sphere of ”celestial music” – THE MUSIC OF THE SPHERES.

 Numerology is much more that facts on numbers. It is a powerful tool for You to use.

Do you dare?

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