May: Try to take it easy

We may feel like we just took a ride on the carousel. Things will go around in circles, changing – yet staying the same. Be as patient as you’d be with a child. Some things just need time. The fact that you do not have satisfactory results YET, does not mean energy isn’t working on it. We know that the seeds spring up under the soil, and it takes time before we can actually see a blade of grass. So, transform stubbornness into patience. You might feel trapped or helpless, in order to be able to truly respect the power of freedom and choice.

The choice is always yours and yours alone.

Certain views of life will radically change. You will shape a new opinion about the events of the past. The past has returned, and it’s bringing you a message, if you will only accept it.

The past is a teacher. And it should remain in the past. Its purpose is to identify lessons from painful experiences and gain insight through the most beautiful moments. It should make you realize that you only have this moment, here and now. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not here yet. You are who You are at this very moment. Do not waste this moment, its strength and energy because of the memories of the past or a desire for something that may or may not be fulfilled in the future. Enjoy this moment. Right now.

Wishes indicate that you are not fully satisfied with what you have or where you are right now.

They also point out the direction of your development. If your answer is “I don’t know what I want”, please, get a grip, give yourself a warm hug and tell yourself repeatedly: “I am important.” Eventually, you’ll dare to admit what you know you want to do, but you are not certain you deserve it or how to articulate it. You are safe.

May: Try to take it easy numerology forecast

HomeWork for the soul:

  • You have a magic wand: what do you wish for?
  • Who and what were you in May of 2014? Describe progress.
  • Who and what will you be in May of 2016 Describe progress.
  • In what way would you say, you may have regressed in past year?

May: Try to take it easy

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