Numerology opens the gates of our perception of life. It will alter the perception you have of You. One aspect is Karma. The other aspect is Mastery.

Master numbers hold a higher vibration.

They are intense and indicate spiritual gifts of extrasensory perception and intuition. Master numbers have a greater ability to be in touch with their own higher self, and with the world of higher guidance, including celestial beings, spiritual world & universal spiritual law. In short, Master number people as we may call them, are more fully developed spiritual soul – when they lead a balanced life.

Sadly, many Master number people don’t live up to their spiritual potential. Truth be told, it is hard to live as a highly sensitive individual, always seeking balance in physical, emotional, and mental aspects of life. Master number 11/2 for example is also called the number of extreme test, because life itself is always at an extreme.

Any Master number seeks its place in the world of duality, violence, negativity and materialism. Master number people need to find a way of venting the emotions – if not, they could experience extreme restlessness, illness, and physical problems as a reminder of their true spiritual inner power.

Master number individuals are considered to be old souls who carry much wisdom and spiritual knowledge, which has been learned through many lifetimes. They tend to discover it by overcoming harsh life circumstances; that is how they remember & integrate the spiritual information, buried deep inside them. Many of Master number people stay stuck in the challenges and never break through to the Mastery level. Even when they do, they need to be active & fully responsible for the high vibrational energy they emit, or they will slip back into the lower vibrational energies. Especially for 11/2 Mater number life tends to be a series of test to live up to.

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Master numbers are a Light that shines like a bright star in the sky to show us all the way to Peace, Harmony & Love.

with love lili sorum numerology

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