Master number 11/2: the Spiritual Messenger

Energy of the Master number 11/2 is intuitive, sensitive & enthusiastic. It is on a journey to find its own Truth – and when it does, 11/2 brings illumination to others. As a Master number 11/2:  the Spiritual Messenger helps raise spiritual awareness.

Master number 11/2 people are very bright, inspirational, uplifting & bringing light to others.

The vibration of their energy is very intense, therefore they could also be nervous when they feel cut of their spiritual essence. Needless to say, they are visionary spiritual leaders, peacemakers and, because of the strong vibration of the number 11, they love the spotlight. In fact, spotlight is their friend & a tool to raise awareness. Of course, first they need to overcome the Ego and learn to surrender to higher ideals.

When not in higher frequency, when not attuned into their cosmic or spiritual knowledge, they function on the lower vibrations of the number 2: walking the fine line between greatness and self-destruction.

The test is to live honestly and with integrity.

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