Life path number

Life path number is considered to be the most important personal number in your personal numerology profile. Life path number is a sum of the day, month & year you were born, making your birth date your first personal number. While you may change your name, your birth date will never change.

Life path number reveals your talents & abilities. When feeling lost, you’ll want to understand your Life path number for guidance. As the name indicates, it tells you of the road you’ll follow through your life. Your talents, skills & abilities will help you along the way.

It is my experience we tend to focus more on our weakness and lack of excellence. We rarely take the time to notice the talents & gifts we have within us. When nourishing those, we may excel in life easier.

For example: number 2 is good in communicating, yet it dislikes the spotlight. Understanding that is a valuable insight. You see, usually they would keep their thoughts to themselves instead of finding a way to express them in a less demanding way – maybe writing a blog. You guessed it, number 2 people rarely have nothing to say.

We may walk the path of roses or the path of thorns. When we are born, Life lies ahead. Endless potential resides within us. It is up to us, and us alone, how we make the best (or the worse) of it.

Life path number shows you the spiritual demand that was made upon you (you chose it) as you explore the vastness of Life. Knowing what your strong suit is helps you to focus on your positive attributes. You may draw upon this energy as a source of power, inspiration and strength.


Calculate Your Life path number & read more about it: HERE

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