June: Emotions & changes on the horizon

In short: June will be a time of emotional issues.

Because we will be more vulnerable, it would be wise not to make any difficult decisions, especially regarding relationships. Or, maybe we should do just that? Odds are you will no longer be willing to put up with certain types of behavior. It may seem it takes courage, but more often than not, all it takes is a calm & respectful conversation to solve a situation that seemed unbearable. Would you try?

Our emotions will swing. So, please keep in mind other people’s emotions will swing as well.

Accept all shades of yourself. All the 50 shades (of gray), and then some. Life is a gift. Emotions are special, and should be treasured.  You are not a stone.

First and foremost, we are human beings. It is commendable that we are trying to be spiritually & emotionally mature creatures, but that does not mean that we’re actually changing into a robot, that accepts all kind of behavior unconditionally and as *well intended’*. We are human beings who feel pain, anger, sadness, love, joy, and much more. Allow yourself to feel.

Recognizing your feelings is crucial, because they carry important messages.

Your soul cries when you don’t follow your own path.

Let your heart be your friend. Impossible Love does not exist. Think about it: you can love someone a mile away. Ego is the one who wants/needs to be in a (romantic) relationship with that person.

Well, it’s nice to be loved and it’s awesome to love someone. However, there is absolutely no actual need to be in a relationship in order to feel love-d. This stems from fear and is resulting in the need to control. So, expect bursts of jealousy during the month of June. Remember to breathe.

feather lili sorum lily sorum

Soul work for June:

  • When you miss someone – what is it that you actually miss about you?
  • Who are ‘you’ around the people you love? Who are ‘you’ when you are alone?
  • Would you say you hate someone?
  • Who are you angry with, yet it seems to be wrong to feel that way?
  • So, is there someone who can’t stand the sight of you?


with love lili sorum lily sorum

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