How to cut the crap?

Separate you from what no longer serves you.

Now, let’s take for example a pattern you carry within, which may be rooted in your childhood.

Allow me to ask you a question: are you still that helpless child? Actually, better yet, tell me this: do you know of a child who feels helpless?

A child believes in himself. He believes in Life. A child perceives Life as limitless.

We were born believing everything is possible. For children there is no such thing as ‘the impossible’.
When I was a kid, I wanted to have farm animals in an apartment building. My response to my mother, who of course, was shaking her head & enjoying my fantasy imaginations as a joke, was: ‘it is not true that it’s impossible – just admit you do not want it’’. In my head, it was just a matter or rearranging some furniture (piglets in the bathtub, a horse on the balcony, chickens & hens under the dining table – and this is only a draft of it all.)

You smiled?

Now, seriously – if we don’t believe it as possible, it will not be addressed.

A child believes. A child wants to try. Yes, try the things he is interested in HIMSELF, not what parents would want him to do (for example, to eat the veggies).

A child perceives itself as almighty & Life as a limitless gift.

It’s the disappointments & bad experiences that transform us and later on in life awaken a sense of helplessness.

What kind of a child were you? How did your parents & people surrounding you behave towards you? Were you encouraged, did they support you or were you ignored and criticized? And, are you still acting like that kid did, TODAY?

You are an adult. INDEPENDENT. Today I can have chickens under my dining table, because there is not ‘mom’ to say I can’t. So, it’s my decision and my choice.

Everything is our decision and a choice. When we decide it’s over – it’s over. However, certain changes need time to be realized. I can choose this moment to have 3 hens, but they will not materialize from the thin air – I would have to go to the farmer. Allow me to use this feathery example: D

Recall the dreams that didn’t come true when you were a child. If you determine that the dreams you had, are in fact something that is still important to you and would make you happy = that is saying  you still want this: why don’t you do something about it today?  Or do you?

Our parents did the best they could. There is no mother in this world, who said: ‘’oh, I’m gonna totally suppress my kid, for the fun of it’’. A child can perceive certain educational measures as oppression, but believe me that our parents believed it to be the best for us. Today you are not a child. Is it possible you are acting like that same mom or dad or situation has power over you?

And then the most common answer: ‘it is difficult.’
So what !!

Is a life full of restrictions easy?? Is holding on to the fear, unaddressed longing, pain, memories and wounds easy? Please be aware this is a decision you make. Memory is a thought that rotates in our mind. I’m not particularly inclined to reminisce chemistry lessons or visits to the dentist … and yes, it is much alike those memories we harbor. You choose what you think and what you do about it.

Where do you channel your energy and why? Where does your focus lie?
So, what to do? How to cut the crap? What to do when things come up, when we are reminded of a painful experience, we miss someone etc …

When you become aware of a memory or a thought – ask yourself: is it welcomed? No? In that case, simply say: ‘’Dear thought, nice of you to drop by (again), I hope you’re well. Now, I want to wave goodbye to you and wish you a happy journey.’’ Then force yourself to think something else. Read a book, watch a movie, if nothing else works.

YOU and only You are the master of your Life.

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Everything is our decision and a choice. Be like a child, believe in fairytales and miracles will happen.


With Love, MiTaKuYe oYaSiN

LiLi SoRuM

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