How could you God?

On that sunny September morning The Creator has allowed it to happen. 

When things like 9/11 happen, I believe, we pause & ask: where is the justice? Where is God? How can such a thing happen … wars, floods, disease; Earthquakes … Why does God, the Creator, Great Spirit, Universe  … (choose the one that best suits you) permit these things?

Rare are those who instead of saying: ‘How could you God’,  ask: ‘God, why?’

… Allow me to ask you: What was in it for all human kind?

What was the result of events like 9/11, earthquakes, floods, tsunamis etc ?


Creator teaches us.

No doubt, many shake their heads in disagreement, arguing about the method, which is in no way educational. Really? Oh, really? Let’s be honest for a moment and see what happens when everything is in order. Bills are paid, children have a hobby, there is peace in the world = we are in our comfort zone, watching series on TV and losing connection with fellow human beings.

True, it’s easier to learn when in peace and with loving attention. Yet, the modern man today does not respect the peace & love. Most people are not grateful for a place they call home. We are ungrateful and mostly spoiled.

Therefore, thanks to the Creator for giving us those experiences, which only seem as slaps.  Thank the Great Spirit for not giving up on us.

Question to all of us is: how many slaps = experiences in the form of natural disasters, wars or other painful personal turmoil will be necessary in order for us to realize that we are one? When will we again be able to live as we once did: as a community? Selfishness, greed etc are those of the Ego. Do you believe you do enough to tame your ego and help those who are just learning how to do this? Or, is it much easier to simply blame others, point fingers & react with aggression – which is also gossip, slander, anger, etc.?

There is no need for a terrorist attack for the flow of energy to be one of ‘aggression’. Placing you above other in any way is acting out of Ego & aggressively. Everyone is responsible for themselves and the energy they emit. Are you aware of your own? Do you do your best to be pure in what you do and shine a Light to those around you?

The Creator would prefer to teach through Love. Do you allow it?


…………. LiLi SoRuM, September 11th 2o14

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