Have we lost … OUR ESSENCE ?

We live in modern & civilized times. So they say.
The popular Law of Attraction speaks of vibration, and an attitude of gratitude ”for everything”. The flow of energy is important. What we give, we receive. If we are negative, we will not attract positive people or experiences into our lives because we will not be able to recognize them as being positive.
Could it be – we are actually remembering/re-learning the teachings & ancient wisdom in modern times … ?
Ancient civilizations were grateful. Why we speak of them as if they no longer live?

They are very much alive & need to be respected for who they are.

In fact – during these days (23rd of July) in  South America Inti Raymi, day of the Sun, the largest celebration of the Quechuas (mistakenly called Incas), is being celebrated – which made me ponder gratitude.  Native Americans were/are grateful for every single ray of sunshine.

We – modern people – are enclosing ourselves within buildings, cloistered within four walls and a roof, and then we set a glowing landscape with sunset, palm tree and sea on our computer desktop.

Have we lost all touch with nature? And how about the true meaning of the word gratitude?

Have we lost … OUR ESSENCE ?

Gratitude is an exchange of energy. Much like Love. It’s being thankful for all the good we receive, for the light & warmth we receive each day, for every raindrop, for tears going down our cheeks, either of sadness or tears of happiness. All that makes us feel that we are alive.

Gratitude is all that … and much more.


With Love,

MiTaKuYe  oYaSiN

…………… LiLi SoRuM, june 2o14

tekumzeh lili sorum wisdom simply be you

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