It’s about walking the walk, not talking the talk. No more fooling around. Use this year wisely.

Ego and Spirit collide in 2015 ! year numerology lili sorum

Prepare for extreme situations.

The energy will recognize the material realm, which may reflect the growing greed, and on the other hand, we will be facing religious fanaticism.

It’s fair to say, year 2o15 will bring out the very best and the very worst in us. 

Each and every one of us will be faced with challenges and deep changes.

Energy of the number 8 is the energy of manifestation, and we know only too well, we can create abundance of prosperity of poverty (right?). So, please beware what vibration you radiate, and not what words you speak.

It’s about walking the walk, not talking the talk. No more fooling around.

Life will take us very seriously. We will manifest our fears – so we may heal them. Yet, I have to be honest; the path will not be easy if we are not determent. Number 8 supports those who have a clear vision in Life.

Here’s some numerology for you:

8 as a number is characterized by:

  • – Skills: efficiency, organization, determination
  • – Supports: the financial well-being
  • – Symbolizes: the business aspect of Life, authority, true power

The challenge is to overcome the Ego and lack of confidence in a difficult situation.

The challenge is to remain calm in the middle of crazy, hurricane-like energy.

The challenge is to rely on yourself and your abilities in the midst of an emotional drama.

  “As above, so below” 

The upper part of number 8 symbolizes the spiritual side, the world of mysticism, spirit, ancestors, past and future lives – the world intangible but no less negligible.

 The lower part of number 8 speaks of the material aspects: manifesting, power, present life, being in the moment = ‘’here and now’’, selfish approach that teaches selflessness.

 Ego and Spirit collide in 2015 !

 Ego and Spirit collide in 2015 ! 8 number lili sorum numerology

Years 2013 and 2014 brought us some Karma issues, since 13/4 and 14/5 are considered to be Karmic numbers. None the less, 2015 is an intensive year, which will show us exactly how far things can go – and trust me when I say, they will go all the way to the extreme – and can also escalate. So, in hard times, breathe and try to calm down. Be sure to treat everyone around you with respect (yourself included).

I hope we have all learned a lesson or two during the year of Truth (2014). One of my favorite sayings is: Respecting the Past, we create a better Future.

Keep in mind: the Past is our teacher.

So, look into it to realize:  greed, lies and fear never bring positive consequences.

Our explanation may be ever so apologetic for some of our actions, but within ourselves, when we calm down, we know if indeed we did good. There is only one way to feel inner peace – by acting with Love, respect & Integrity.

Many people in a position of power, money, fame, etc do not feel peaceful.

 For us personally it is an important year. We will manifest what we feel, which is not necessarily what we think we feel.

We are being taught a skill of balancing. So, do all you do with moderation.

Life will toss us around; expect sea cliffs and desert sand.


Life is wise.

This way we are provoked and tested to remain who we are.

Year 2013 aimed to help us identify ourselves, to recognize people around us for who/what they are and to understand the meaning of Life.

We will challenge Life.

People in our lives we will be defiant.

Situations will provoke us.

It will seem like Light VS Darkness combat at making decisions – devil on one shoulder, angel on the other – both of them is, you guested it: YOU.

It is important that we accept ourselves exactly the way we are.

When we fully accept all parts of us, we are able to decide & select the things we will nurture, strengthen about us and also, what needs to be moderated. ‘’Don’t curse the darkness, turn on the light’’ should be the guideline of the year.

Take Life on responsibly.

Let go of the negative part of the Ego and strengthen the loving part of yourself.

So simple, yet extremely challenging.

During the year 2013 masks fell off, making us stand bare before ourselves.

  • Did you fully accept your truth?
  • Do You accept yourself?
  • What did you do about the things you tried to ignore?

There is no room for illusion any more.

The vibration it what it is, it cannot cheat – even if we put on the prettiest smile.

Energy of the number 8 is powerful. Use this year wisely.

april Ego and Spirit collide in 2015 !

Therefore: go, set some GOALS & write them down:

 And then work on it!

  •  Suggestions:
  • Relationships (partner, friends, family)
  • Health
  • Earnings
  • Career
  • Study, polishing skills & knowledge
  • Personal growth
  • Spiritual growth
  • Emotional maturity
  • Physical health, recreation, sports
  • Aspirations, achievements (travel to, etc …), dreams
  • Everything else that comes to mind

 Put your head up and go for it!

with love lili sorum lily sorum