Is it a disgrace to be poor?

Is it a disgrace to be poor?

Today I was deeply touched by a video of an abandoned child, freezing on the street. Yeah, you guessed it – he was shaking, people were staring and passing by. The majority of people behave as if the poor were mangy. The society ignores them and defines them as a problem, totally DEHUMINIZING them. So, where is our compassion? We may be posting on Facebook or other social media about how more and more people struggle – BUT, where is that same compassion in our everyday conversation? Do we offer a hand to those in need? Do we even wonder what’s going on with a person drowning in debts – let alone offer help, or at least a kind word? Or, do we drift apart and, if possible, talk bad about them? Let’s imagine a conversation over a cup of coffee: ”hey you know xx (insert a name), he/she owes lots of money to xy ” = debt automatically becomes almost a sin. Or do we, drinking that coffee with friends, stop to inquire the reason for his/her downfall? Do any of us say: ‘’hey, how could we help and connect him/her with someone who could assist in giving them work = additional earnings?’

First off, I provoke you to look at YOU. Do you ignore distress? Do you walk by? Society as I see it, condemns the homeless and the poor. How would they otherwise become marginalized? They are not welcomed….

Modern times: the civilized and educated people – compare this to the communities of those that history describes as ‘savages’. All the ancient civilizations took care of women & children of the deceased warrior. Elders did not die lonely in nursing facilities. And, by the way, they are not extinct, they are very much alive and we could learn a lot – we SHOULD learn!

So, how about YOU and ME?  How many walk by and ignore the people who fight the battle with poverty?

Know that the problem lies in us and nowhere else.

Each and every one of us can do (more).

The system is not somewhere out there – we are the system.

with love lili sorum numerology

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