Destiny number

It is said we chose our parents before we are born. Also, many assume we chose the name prior to our birth. Be as it may, your name is no mistake. It holds the vibration of You. Your name is your definition to the Universe. Lack of knowledge of numbers does not mean they do not have influence (smiles).

Your name reveals all there is to know about you. As does the date of your birth. There are no coincidences in Life. You are perfect as you are. Your Destiny may not make any sense to you at some points in life, but I promise you, there are no mistakes in the web of Life.

Destiny. Is it written in stone? 


It is up to you and you alone to step up & fulfill your Destiny.

Your Destiny number is calculated from the name you were given at birth. Married name, adopted names and nicknames are not used to determine your personal numbers. Those names bring additional energy into your life and are to be analyzed apart of your numerology personal numbers.

First name: describes our most personal lessons

Second name: reveals hidden abilities

Family name: points out the characteristics we inherited form our family


Destiny number describes your cosmic code for success. Also, it describes the energy you invoke in people around you. You help them recognize it within them. So, should you get on someone’s nerves, knowing your Destiny & their Life path number could offer some assistance.

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