Catch your dreams

Life lies before us.

Determination. Power. New beginnings. Courage. Yes, it’s time to move ahead.

Do you know what your mission, purpose, goal and desire is? What are your dreams? What were your childhood dreams? What do you want to achieve in life? Would you kindly define who you are and where are you headed? And: When did you last ‘’update’’ those goals, dreams? Life breathes, we change; and so do our desires & intentions. Fast-paced lifestyle can quickly make us forget to dream, daydream or even know what our dreams were/are. Are they referred to ‘’irrelevant for now’’, cause we have more important projects at hand. … So, when is the appropriate time? When old & grey?

If our dreams are not important enough to at least define them, think about them, and give them some attention – what do you think: will they come true?

Think for a moment … if we do not know exactly what we want, how are we to recognize it? If you’ve never given it any thought, consideration or possibility, it can be served to you in abundance, yet you will not notice it as interesting. If we are close minded, stuck in a routine, something awesome can fall on our heads, yet we will continue with the usual. We all need time to relax, time to regroup & time to allow our imagination to FLY & HAVE FUN. Dream, you just might catch your dreams.

Be opened minded. Be opened to different. And never let go of your dreams.
A word on dreams including other people – everyone has a free will. If you wish to spend your life with someone or do a project, and that person is not into it – seek the vibration of that person (in someone else). We are drawn to energy we feel is safe and similar to ours.

Be consistent. Be true to yourself. Now go – catch your dreams.

We are all different from one another and yet we create a Unity. Be who you are, accept all there is to you & to people around you Don’t judge. Should you encounter ‘evil’ or ‘bad’, bring Light, add Love to the situation, not judgment. Color of skin, amount of money in a bank account, sexual orientation and so on is no measure!

Allow fresh ideas to come in. You need not adopt it forever. Try it. Decide. CHOOSE.

I encourage you to ask yourself several times a day: ‘’What do I think?’

Now, please, try to think in a different way, learn new and exciting skills, read books and TRY IT OUT. If you do not like it, you’ll have a new experience & go back to your old ways – and that’s it. For example: food … it’s like tasting a dish from the plate of the person sitting next to us in a restaurant. Give it a try. If you only ate apples all your life, and never tasted an orange, how will you know what you like? Try different fruits at least once.  We don’t know whether we like something, if we do not try it.

And this is true for everything in Life, not just food-wise. Come on, let’s be curious. Be adventurous.



What thought you resist the most? Why? 

– Focus on issues you wish to avoid. Seek creative solution – what would you advise your friend?

– Breathe. Remember to breathe during the day.

with love lili sorum numerology

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