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The 9-year cycle of PERSONAL YEARS


Our life rotates in a circle of 9-year cycles. Each year as its own number, has its own vibration. That vibration determines the topic that dominates this period of your life.

So, when we calculate our personal year, we are seeking the meaning of that vibration.

In 9 years one period of your life energy is born, it grows, it changes & comes to an end, so another one might arise. We could call it the cycle of being born, living, dying and being reborn again.

Let’s give you a guide line for a 9-year cycle:

  1. Being born: a new start, new projects, meeting new people

  2. We connect: team work, communication, relating to things

  3. Time of creation & development – time of the inner child

  4. Now let’s get to work: responsibility, physical realm

  5. Constant change: move, change jobs, be adventurous, play

  6. Time for Love & family, creating a safe nest for you

  7. Quiet time for reflection, personal & spiritual growth

  8. Business time: organizing, managing, effective changes

  9. Termination, endings, emotions & receiving rewards


Now, let’s see where you are at:

Calculate Your Personal year LiLi SoRuM Lily Sorum nuumerology forecast 2015


Personal year Number 1

This is the time of new beginnings. Expect a breakthrough. Step forward. You are expected not only to be independent, but also to be the one who gives the initiative. Everything will be on your shoulders, depending mostly on you. Energy is moving fast throughout this year – so, things will happen faster than they did last year. You can forget about being lazy. Therefore, chin up and get going with new projects & do not hesitate. Don’t procrastinate. You will meet new people, you will be interested in new things – much like a pioneer spirit would be. Use this time for doing what you didn’t have the guts to do before. Be bold. Go for it.

Personal year Number 2

Firstly, you need to understand the energy of this year is much slower than what you were used to last year (i.e. 1), so be patient. Things could be postponed. Work on your communication skills and dedicate your attention to your relationships (not just romantic ones but all relationships: friends, coworkers, neighbors etc). Learn acceptance and get some rest. You will feel good when accompanied, i.e. exactly the opposite of the previous year. But please, try not to become “a sticker” and allow people that surround you to breathe. Take time for the loved ones. You felt like you were left to stand alone last year. You will be given a helping hand during this one.

Personal year Number 3

You are in a year of happy coincidences. Unexpected miracle-like things might happen. This is also the Year of the inner child, so any childhood dreams will re-emerge. If you are able to make them true, please do. Well, one more thing can also be triggered (again) and that is our childhood fears & any unresolved emotional wounds, we need to heal. This is a period of joy and time of personal miracles when we are in contact with our inner child. When we are mostly influenced by childhood drama, we are facing a painful year. Know that you are more vulnerable during this time, and therefore any comment might be quickly grasped as a personal attack. Understand one thing: you are an adult now, you are stronger and as such, totally able to handle the pain, the memories, so use this year to heal your inner child.

Personal year Number 4

Foundations are an important part of life, so you are focusing on them this year. During this period of time, you will be more serious and more responsible. You may find yourself reliving the past, analysing your family roots and its essence – as your ancestors do define you as well. Foster a sense of security. An important time for the physical body, so pay more attention to a more healthy lifestyle. Sometimes little things can do wonders. Everything is moving at a slower pace, so use this time to lay some solid foundations in all areas of life (work, family, relationships, health issues etc). Foundations shape the future stability (or lack thereof).

Personal year Number 5

Change is the only constant in this period. You are facing a rapid year, with oscillation of uncertainty & constant change. Energy will be like a wave: it comes, wooow it splashes us and it leaves. The purpose is the recognition of the depth & width of Life & Yourself. Time for learning about diversity and accepting it. Number 5 indicates sensuality and sensibility. There is a possible adventure coming. Scratch that, there is an adventure coming; so, if you’re too serious or cowardly, this is a time to man up, take risk and go for what you desire. Again, you are in an active year. So make the most of the energy that supports travel, growth, having fun, changing the stagnant habits etc.

Personal year Number 6

Now you are facing the most emotionally intense personal year. This is a time of testing just how honest are we in our relations. Self-love is the lesson of this time. And Life itself will test if relationships you have are based on Love, Truth and Respect. It can be a very painful period, as many people (including yourself) are seen for who they really are, many times not in a loving way. This is a time of marriage and a time of divorce. Any relationships that might end during this period were not built on solid foundations nor quality ones. You can expect some dizzying scenes straight out of telenovelas. Breathe. Remember to love yourself. You are equally important as others.

Personal year Number 7

After an emotional personal year 6 you need rest, don’t you agree? So, during this year you’ll enjoy a more private time, personal intimacy and tranquillity. This is a period of personal & spiritual growth, analysing, re-evaluation and Life-long learning. You will be attracted to mysticism and the unexplained. A word of advice: communicate with people that surround you. As you will seek more time alone to contemplate, it is appropriate you explain it to your dear ones – as they might see you as distant and maybe even aloof. Time to learn, to meditate (si mislila meditate?) and bring to perfection the inner You. Number 7 symbolizes perfectionism, so use its energy to perfect your plans, skills and habits.

Personal year Number 8

Now is the perfect time for doing business and dedicate yourself to financial developments. But, you will be successful only when on the path of your Life’s mission. When walking that path, you can achieve miracle breakthroughs. During this time, people around you may find you emotionally cold, as you will mostly be focused on business. You will be able to think in a more sober (as a result of the year 7) and rational way. You will feel the need to evaluate what works and what doesn’t. Effectiveness will determine your decisions. Throughout this year Life can be turned upside down in a matter of seconds. The structure can be easily replaced. Trust Life.

Personal year Number 9

The period of termination; we could call it the time of harvest. Turning back to 8 years ago, reflecting – you are able to see how you produced the results that you have. So, learn and adapt your new goals and the approach towards them. You can expect greater recognition, even fame during the personal year 9. Again a more emotionally intense year, as things come to an end. Do a list of relationships, habits, people and objects, even situations that do not reinforce you. Much like cleaning up your closet, so that you will be able to put in new things (new relationships, habits, projects, etc.). You are symbolically preparing a new space, which comes in the personal year 1. First half of the year can be very intense, however, trust Life that it knows what it’s doing. Release the old, embrace the good, let go of the bad and prepare for the new in the next year to come. No need for clutter in your life.


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