Calculate Your Life path number

Life path number is said to be the most important of all the five personal numbers.

Numerology report is based on five personal numbers: Life path number, Destiny number, Soul number, Personality number and Maturity number. Life path number shows you the path along which your life will take you, as the name implies. It describes your talents, gifts and abilities that will help you along the way. It explains your skills and why you may need them, also it offers in insight of where you’re going.

Life path number tells us what you were born to become!

your life path number lili sorum numerology calculate

Life path Number 1

You are someone who hates being still. As a matter of fact, you have a spirit of a pioneer. Of course, acting on an impulse is not foreign to you and be that as it may, sometimes you could find yourself later regretting the things said or done. You are a person of courage, speed & progress. So, you also don’t like to obey. In fact, because you are efficient in what you do, you usually do everything by yourself.  You waste less time doing it yourself, than explaining it to someone else. You radiate the energy of independence.

 Life path Number 2

A calm person, who prefers doing everything in pairs, is a number 2 person. You are sociable, somewhat reserved and shy when it comes to expressing your own values, abilities and opinion. Observing others you gather a lot of knowledge, which you modestly hold for yourself. You prefer to be active in the background and avoid the spotlight. Good you are at communicating (says Yoda) and cooperating. Team work is something you excel at. You are not the one who makes the first step. By trying to take others into consideration, the ones you love, you may sometimes lose the essence of who you are.

Life path Number 3

Creativity is your strongest quality. You are a being of imagination. Please, keep in mind that imagination is capable of creating both in the positive direction (the eternal optimist) or the negative one (pessimism, depression). It is you who needs to keep it under control. As a human being, you fail to understand violence & aggression. You are sensible and vulnerable. It is important to stay true to your inner child. You are essentially much like a playful kitten, and as such radiate a happy energy. When in a situation of not being able to be creative in some way, you will feel suffocated.


Life path Number 4

Hard work, discipline and honest approach are what you value the most. The feeling of security always comes first; therefore you don’t like sudden changes. People may call you stubborn, yet you see it as being persistent and dedicated. The routine type of jobs are something you excel at. You are hardworking, however that does not necessarily mean that you are paid accordingly. Lots of work and poor pay is a path known to you. You like to be very clear on things, you dislike the daydreaming approach to work. As such, you are the responsible one in the relationship or at the office (job).

Life path Number 5

Is it exotic? Well, in that case, you simply adore it! You love to travel, learn about foreign cultures & languages, try food and anything that does not fit into any kind of box. Freedom is the keyword. It is difficult for you to stay in one place for a long time, if there is no change or some sort of activities. Therefore, a career in networking, marketing or some sort of field work is perfect for you. Tourist guide is kinda your dream job. Radiating spontaneity and playfulness you add spice to all around you. Your power lies in your sensuality – 50 shades of gray is your kind of reading.

Life path Number 6

A true romantic you are (Yoda says). The hardest lesson of life: how to love yourself? Being a gentle soul, you put everybody else first & as such, you quickly become BFF of the people that like to take advantage of you. The harmony of a happy home is essential for you, which can interfere with your professional ambition. When you are at work, you are thinking about home issues, and when at home, you ponder about work. Balance is crucial for your wellbeing. Find it, nurture it. You love beauty in all things. You add magical spark to a moment. Daydreaming is your way of creating your life.

Life path Number 7

By nature you are curious and always eager to learn. You value the quality (not quantity), so shinny covers, for as beautiful as they may be, are not what you seek. Your focus is on the essence. Truth is what you treasure, so when someone loses your trust over lies or deceit, they will not gain it again. You are interested in the mystical and inexplicable, of course, wanting to analyze and explore it. Knowledge and wisdom attract you. You may come across as (too) serious, so people may tell you to relax. In the morning is when you need silent time for yourself to start the day off calmly.

Life path Number 8

Always full of energy and creativity you seek the most effective approach, therefore organizing & being efficient comes natural. You understand the integration of spiritual and material energy which is represented in the Hermes Trismegistus saying: ‘’as above, so bellow’’. As such you are awesome at manifesting and should you not find yourself financially wealthy, that means you need to work on your self-worth. Value your knowledge & skills. You like to be active and enjoy the results, which makes you a natural leader, leading by example. There is certain charisma and magnetic energy to you.

Life path Number 9

You are an empath and compassionate healer who wishes to help all of humanity, not just individuals. Your perception is very all-embracing, you really do see and feel the big picture. That is why many don’t understand you. Your lesson is to understand and teach the circle of Life: birth, death & rebirth. You are a person of emotions. Whatever happens, you feel it, and never try to rationalize it. When something feels wrong or unjust, you will not go through with it. Decisions you make, come from the heart and the inner feeling, not necessarily the mind. You radiate a healing kind of energy.

life path number lili sorum numerology



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