Imagination VS intellect.

In fantasy, anything is possible.

On the other hand, our rational mind, of course, doubts and seeks to find evidence & recognition.

We should always use our common sense, meaning – use caution. However, when the fear burdens and obstructs us, it’s time to rekindle that adventurous sparkle. Regret many things we would, if we tried them not; isn’t it so? (read in Yoda* voice LOL)

April is designed to amend our beliefs on what is & what is not possible. We should also revise what we actually want. Just because we wished for XY as a child, or our parents demanded it, it does not mean those things are still considered as desired today. So, let’s take time to go through our wish list and also our expectations for all areas of Life.

For example: question what you want & need in the relationship with your partner & friends. Are you at your best at work and in the business area of our Life?  What skills need polishing, what knowledge you’d like to gain? How can you be more active in your life?

When we accurately define our goals, we achieve them.

When we have no goals, we disrespect the miracle called Life.

So, when you set your goals in a very narrow way, please, focus on a more broad perspective as well: personal growth, emotional maturity, better physical health, spiritual evolvement etc.


During this month, we are under the influence of number 4 – a sacred number.  Dedicate time to your physical body. Among other things, number 4 indicates the physical level – so, focus on how can you live in a healthier way (sleep, food, workout, relieve the stress, etc.). Use the energy of this month to set goals and make a solid plan on how to achieve them, a step by step plan. Number 4 represents the 4 foundations (of a house), 4 seasons, 4 directions, 4 human races, etc. – use the energy to build something lasting.


Never be afraid of the future.

Each day is a new opportunity. 

… … …

Don’t be afraid of (the skeletons of) the past.

Each day is a new opportunity.


Don’t get caught in a vicious circle of doubt, as projected to you by the fear and mind games.

At the beginning of this year, I emphasized that you are to prepare a detailed framework for 2015: set a course, write down your goals and aspirations for this year, which should be checked & updated each month. In April re-evaluate that plan. On one hand it helps the imagination to seek new ways & opportunities and on the other also look for a practical inspiration. Common sense should be used as a tool, not as a master of our mind.


SouL HomeWork for April: 

  • What would happen if the world learned of your greatest secret or most embarrassing traits or of a very unfortunate experience? 
  •  When there is no one around you: who are you and what do you want? 
  •  Who do you want to be when you are alone and everything is allowed? 
  •  What do you believe you really could not do or achieve? 

                 Try exactly that.

                  (Unless we are talking about something that would harm someone)


with love lili sorum lily sorum

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