LiLi SoRuM few words about little old me

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Cante waste nape ciyuzapo – I greet you from my heart (Lakota)

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I like to say I am just a girl 🙂 a motivator, writer, numerologist, animal rights advocate honouring Native American spirit & ancient Egyptian passion for LiFe & Wisdom.

My goal is to help You balance every day responsibilities, emotional & spiritual aspect of life.

I strongly believe we need to grow on a personal, emotional, spiritual & physical level in order to be balanced, peaceful, happy and thus, successful. We need to honor the Past in order to have a good Future. Ancient wisdom is to be respected & learned in modern times. We all have ancestors we should learn from.

We need to respect all and every way of Life.

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I have been studying & professionally working with numbers since the year 2003. Humbled by their wisdom, I still love discovering new & even deeper layers of the knowledge. Besides numerology, my ‘work’ includes counselling, personal coaching, teaching, holding workshops, TV shows, writing articles for all major Slovenian media etc … I guess I have a lot to say LOL.

Despite being from Slovenia, a beautiful country in Europe (no, not Slovakia, we were not a part of Russia), I believe us to be a part of one family, regardless of nation, color of the skin, religion or any other man/Ego-imposed measure. We are all humans. We are all a part of the big Unity. Web of Life includes all beings alike.

It is all of us together & each and every one of us as an individual, that makes the world a better place or a place of sorrow.

Words to live by:

* Truth, Respect & LoVe *

* Stand up for those who can’t defend themselves *

In Lak’ech Ala K’in

* Do all you do with LoVe *

MiTaKuYe oYaSiN

feather wisdom numerology lili sorum about me adam beach

With Love, MitaKuYe oYaSiN,

LiLi SoRuM


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