5 personal numbers

What can numerology do for you?

What could it possibly offer you?

Oh, the winning numbers for the lottery perhaps?


Numerology is wisdom. Numerology is knowledge.

Numerology is much more than just facts on numbers.

It was a way of Life.

The numbers were worshiped. Prayers, poems, hymns dedicated to numbers were found. They most certainly deserve our respect.

 5 personal numbers are used to describe a person. They are sometimes called Core Numbers as well. Some like to name them: Numerology Profile, Numerology Chart etc.

Life path number, Destiny number, Soul number, Personality number & Maturity number are the set of personal numbers that hold he key to understanding your cosmic code for your Lifetime on the Earth. In short, they describe you inside & out.

We calculate our personal numbers using the numeric value of our birth date & the letters of the name, given to us at birth.

First name: describes our most personal lessons

Second name: reveals hidden abilities

Family name: points out the characteristics we inherited form our family

Married name, adopted names and nicknames are not used to determine your personal numbers. Those names bring additional energy into your life and are to be analyzed apart of your numerology personal numbers.


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